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Jurlique is well known for its signature natural body care products. However, it faces fierce competition in the anti-ageing category, especially since their face care products are not as well known among consumers.

With limited budget, one of the key objectives for the brand is to build awareness and credibility of their face care line up, starting with their anti-ageing series, ultimately translating to trial and redemptions.


The fastest and most cost efficient way to build awareness and credibility
is through social media, thus we focused our campaign efforts purely on digital -- a fresh new approach for a conventional brand like Jurlique.

We leveraged on Facebook as our key social media platform to drive awareness and convert online registrations for trial redemptions, while inviting reputable beauty and chic influencers to experience and create engagingcontent to build credibility of Jurlique’s anti-ageing series
among its followers.

To encourage online registrations, we created a product redemption
page that allowed potential consumers to sign up for trial products online and ultimately drive foot traffic back to the retail stores for redemptions and follow up. Cost effective digital media placements such as programmatic display ads and paid search were implemented as part of the integrated digital strategy approach to build awareness and drive trial redemptions.


Across one and a half months, we delivered over 4.4 million impressions to reinforce awareness, while driving over 14,000
online registrations and leading to 6,000 in-store visits. Facebook engagement also surpassed previous campaigns by 3 times.