Competition in IMF industry is fierce in Hong Kong
where brands spend enormous amounts of advertising
dollars to maintain brand awareness. It is never easy
to capture the right target, at the right moment, under
the right environment.

Cow & Gate wanted to break through the clutter and
enhance its image as a baby nutrition expert in the
digital space. 


We partnered with Baby Kingdom, one of the largest online parenting portal in Hong Kong, to launch Cow & Gate’s first-ever digital social platform – Social Careline.

The platform is live for seven hours a day, five days a week and aims to provide comprehensive service and parenting advice to concerned parents.

The system is based on the activity of visitors to the Baby King website: when parents are browsing a page that contains specific keywords such as “Nutrition / Absorption / Digestion / Prebiotics”, it triggers a popup that invites them to chat with online experts.

In-house nutrition experts turn into online consultants who provide instant advices not only on nutrition but all baby issues.

With this customized contextual targeting system, the brand is able to target and communicate to the right audience interactively and instantly.


In only 3 months, more than 500 mums in Hong Kong
have used the Social Careline consultation service.

Brand health tracking has hit a new high with brand
association “Expert in Gut Health” increased from 28% to 40%
and “The Brand I Trust” jumped from 23% to 31%.

Impressive numbers proved the Social Careline has
successfully uplifted Cow & Gate’s brand image and expertise.