Moving beyond display ads for building awareness,
Cow & Gate wanted to deepen their engagement with
moms and instigate positive word of mouth in China.  


We partnered with Babytree, the No.1 parenting portal in China, to build a hub of valuable content for moms.

Through our collaboration with Babytree, we built a dedicated section with baby gut health and nutrition advice, embedded with our own branded content.

We further connected with moms in our branded forum, where they were encouraged to contribute their own content and share on their social platforms to earn points and redeem useful giveaways for their babies. 


The dedicated section blended with our branded content generated over 7 million pageviews across 3 months.

More than 63,000 moms joined our branded forum, contributing to over hundreds of articles related to absorption and gut health and driving positive word of mouth on social platforms.

The search volume for Cow & Gate related terms also increased significantly within Babytree during our partnership period, further strengthening our exposure.

After achieving such amazing results, Cow & Gate was awarded 2016 Babytree Brilliant Awards, proving a successful partnership and collaboration.