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By X Social Group posted June 19, 2016

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China's short video APP Douyin has launched a campaign “One-Billion-Views Vlog Support Program" (VLOG 10亿流量扶持计划) last Thursday to promote vlogging, increasing the video time limit for all users to one minute from 15 seconds. Any users who post original video blogs of longer than 30 seconds can participate in the first season of the program from 25 April to 8 May 2019. Up to 60 winners will be announced on 13 May 2019 with prizes including boosts that give content creators more traffic, special “vlogger” certifications, and priority access to ad partnerships.
Vlogs, or video blogs, are a developed medium outside of China on platforms such as YouTube, though it is still in its infancy in China. The campaign on Douyin signals the arrival of vlog-style content in China as a longer video format.

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By X Social Group posted April 29, 2019

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Chinese Millennials, driven by self-consciousness, have changed their spending habits drastically. Distinct differences between them and the post-1990s, as well as how brands can actively engage them are highlighted in recent report “Making Luxury Brands Matter” released by Ogilvy China.
Here are some key takeaways from the report:
● A growth from 45% to 53% total share of consumption by 19- to 30-year-olds is expected in China by 2020.
● In 2024, Chinese luxury consumers, with two-thirds aged 18-30, will account for 40% of global luxury purchases by value (162 billion Euros or 1.266 trillion Chinese Yuan.
● For a long-lasting relationship with luxury consumers, brands should strive to reflect a variety of consumer tastes and styles through customization and personalization.
● To win Chinese luxury consumers, brands should focus on how products can help young consumers display their knowledge or showcase a unique experience, such as world travel, rather than showing extravagant life.
● Creating rarity – the feeling of privilege and exclusivity – is also the key to building rapport with Chinese luxury consumers.
● Adopting a friendly approach is the key for brands to target Chinese Millennials who prefer companionship.
● While omni-channel customer experience is another way to attract customers, social media is the most influential form of media for the development of social commerce for luxury goods.

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By X Social Group posted April 18, 2019

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With the ever-changing media landscape, simply having a WeChat Official Account is far from successful marketing in today’s China. Quest Mobile, a Chinese big data service provider, has published the latest report regarding users’ habits on WeChat based on different demographics.
▶Gender: Female vs. Male
Women are more engaged in topics related to marriage, love and education; while men are more concerned about financial subjects.
Insight: Brands having female as their primary target better partner with quality media accounts in other interest areas other than fashion influencers to capture the female readers’ interest.
▶Location: Top-tier cities vs. lower-tier cities
People from lower-tier cities show greater interest in reading shopping-related content; whereas those from top-tier cities rely more on WeChat for a variety of services ranging from reading, shopping, finance to travel-related content.
Insight: For brands targeting at lower-tier cities, it’s would be effective to focus on shopping tips, while for those who target at top-tier cities should aim to cast a wider net for grabbing attention.
▶Age: Gen-Z vs. the Silver Generation (Over 50 years old)
Gen-Zers prefer content related to utility services and entertainment. Those born after 1990 from lower-tier cities prefer shopping-related content. The Silver Generation, on the other hand, prefer news.
Insight: Tech-savvy Gen-Zers are actively seeking variety in content. Therefore, it’s important for brands to embed a “call to action” message in posts to motivate these potential luxury shoppers.
Key Takeaways from the report
● WeChat users are becoming more selective with content.
● 80% of WeChat users read articles on WeChat public accounts, with more than half of them spend an average of only10-30 minutes each day reading public accounts.
● Data shows that people now devote less time to reading WeChat accounts. Brands may consider allocating their WeChat resources to various channels for specific types of target consumers.

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Source: Jing Daily

By X Social Group posted April 11, 2019

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With the ever-increasing fragmentation of the media landscape in China, 2019 presents even tougher challenges for marketers to reach their consumers. OMD China has released its Transcend 2019 report, revealing trends shaping China’s media landscape. Here are some key takeaways from the report:
1. Transparency in OTT
●More consumers are watching OTT platforms for prolonged periods each day.
●The China OTT landscape remains fragmented and blurred.
●CPD (Cost per day) buying and DMP (Data Management Platform) should be applied by advertisers on campaigns for better targeting.
2. Short Video Trends
●Short videos (Douyin being the dominant platform) remains a major channel for younger audiences.
●Short video penetration (52%) is catching up with OTV penetration (73%).
●Consumers watch an average of 28 short videos per day.
●Short videos will evolve from being an engagement media to reach media.
3. E-Commerce - More Than Just Performance
●E-Commerce will become a channel for branding as consumers likely visit online shopping channels during their consumer journey.
●Search and social strategies on e-Commerce platforms have become as important as those on Weibo.
4. Data Safety
●Data safety is becoming the utmost importance for any data strategies.
●Targeting is predicted to become limited to BAT offerings, and brands will need to keep abreast of new regulations to ensure data safety.
5. Measurement – Back to Attribution
●OMD suggests “sales” should be an indicator for marketers to measure campaign success and they should analyze media contribution on sales.

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Source: Marketing Interactive.

By X Social Group posted March 26, 2019

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Customer experience is Hong Kong’s barometer for marketing success according to the latest – and fifth edition – of Salesforce’s State of Marketing report. The study reveals that as marketers attempt to leverage AI and data sources, they are coming into conflict with privacy concerns and customer trust challenges.
Some of the regional specific findings for Hong Kong include:
● 35% of Hong Kong marketers say that marketing leads customer experience initiatives across their businesses.
● In Hong Kong, AI and trust underpin customer experiences with 26% of Hong Kong marketers using AI and 17% of marketers using voice-activated personal assistants in marketing efforts.
● Marketers report personalization ROI across the customer journey with 79% of Hong Kong marketers saying personalization improves their overall marketing program.
● In Hong Kong, 32% of Hong Kong marketers feel challenged to balance personalization with privacy, and 33% of marketers say they go beyond regulations and industry standards to protect customer privacy.
● 37% of Hong Kong marketers report having a completely unified view of customers’ data sources.
● 44% of marketers in Hong Kong say they engage customers in real-time across one or more marketing channels.
● In Hong Kong, real-time data analytics are on the rise across the market. The top three metrics tracked by marketers are revenue growth, customer retention rates and sales effectiveness.

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Source: Marketing Interactive

By X Social Group posted March 18, 2019

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Nielsen and Hong Kong Advertisers Association have collaboratively published the latest advertising spending projections survey, which reflected that advertising budgets are expected to remain stable with an equal split between online and offline spend.
Here are some key takeaways of advertising trends according to the survey:
● 36% of marketers are expecting an increase in ad spend in 2019, especially for health and personal categories.
● To optimize budget effectiveness, advertising is regarded an essential tool to protect and defend market share while advertisers are expected to invest in new applications, such as programmatic tools, on targeting.
● Advertisers showed a balanced ad spend at 51% offline and 49% online respectively. It is expected that the budget shift from offline to online will continue but at a lower rate than previous years.
● It is estimated that social will account for 10.5% of budget spend across online channels, a slight decrease from 12.8% in 2018 while video is estimated to account for 9.9% with an increase of 0.9% from 2018.
● Demonstrating an effective ROI remains a challenge faced by marketers and advertisers. However, ROI can be traced much more precisely and easily through the use of sophisticated tracking tools.
● 56% of advertisers are investing in programmatic tools; while 54% are using data management services to address the challenge of cross-platform targeting.

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Source: Marketing Interactive

By X Social Group posted March 11, 2019

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Totem Media has published the latest report titled “2019 Trends: Social Marketing in China”, discovering that although WeChat has enabled e-commerce via mini programs, it has not been the best vehicle for videos.
Here are some key findings regarding the most popular APPs in China:
● WeChat has not been able to capture big gains with video audience. Purpose-built APPs for videos, Douyin (and its international version, Tiktok) in particular, have seen most of the recent growth in traffic.
● In China, video usage has grown 60% over the past two years taking the form of online TV, short videos, live streaming videos and news videos.
● In 2018, ByteDance’s ecosystem is taking a larger share of user time than Tencent’s compared to 2017.
● WeChat has launched a new feature called “Time Capsule”, which resembles Instagram stories, hoping to play a part in the short video trend. This feature is unavailable to official accounts, but brands can explore the possibility of working with KOLs through their personal accounts.
● E-commerce mini programs in WeChat are outstripping standalone APPs like Pinduoduo.
● Ads on WeChat making use of its location-based features yielded modest results.

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Source: Campaign Asia

By X Social Group posted February 26, 2019

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It has been more than two years since Tencent introduced its “mini-program” feature within the WeChat ecosystem. A new survey co-authored by Chinese research agency Kueclub (酷鹅研究院) and Tencent Research & Development suggests that over 40% of users think mini programs can replace standalone APPs someday. The report also offers insights into the daily habits and preference of Chinese consumers using WeChat mini-programs and what their behaviors can mean to brands and retailers.
Here are five key takeaways from the survey:
1. Find ways to encourage users’ prolonged stay in mini-programs
As of the end of 2018, WeChat mini-programs had more than 600 million users, of which 34% are frequent users. The report suggested we should focus on ways to encourage users to stay within a specific mini-program as long as possible.
2. Enhance user experience within WeChat ecosystem
The two main reasons for users to abandon a mini program were difficulty in searching within WeChat mini programs and a lack of functionality.
3. Offer convenience to facilitate purchase
30% of respondents indicated they shopped via WeChat mini-programs in 2018. The convenience of getting all things done within the APP as well as group coupons and discounts were two major factors that influenced shopping decisions.
4. Attract users through functionality and entertainment
In the future, WeChat mini-programs that focus on functionality and entertainment will become more popular, the survey noted.
5. Make effort to Identify users’ genuine interests
A better way to direct mini-program traffic to a stand-alone APP download is through identifying a user’s genuine interest rather than offering financial benefits.

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Source: JingDaily

By X Social Group posted February 15, 2019

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Mobile ad spend is anticipated to surpass TV across 12 markets in 2019, thanks to the boom in programmatic trade.
WARC’s Marketer’s Toolkit 2019 shows that 71% of the 800 senior marketing and advertising practitioners surveyed expect a rise in mobile budgets this year, with most money going to Google-owned and Facebook-owned platforms.
Here are some highlights of the Toolkit 2019:
1. Nearly two-thirds of all digital display ad spend was automatically traded by machines in 2018, which was up from a 35.3% share in 2014.
2. Facebook has 1.5 billion daily users and nearly all of them access the platform via mobile, while Google handles 94.1% of all mobile search queries worldwide. The owned apps of this duopoly dominate mobile consumers’ lives.
3. Daily consumption of mobile internet has reached 3 hours and 14 minutes per day and over 90% of the consumed time was spent in-app with social networking being the most common activity.
4. In China, mobile is set to account for over two-thirds of online video spend at USD$5.2 billion.
5. As 5G is expected to be rolled out in early 2019, advertisers will be capable of reaching audience with high-quality pre-, mid- and post-roll video advertising across a nearly instant connection.
6. Higher connection speeds and data transfer are the contributors of enhanced monthly data consumption and three-quarters of global internet users will go mobile only by 2025.

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Source: Marketing Interactive

By X Social Group posted January 28, 2019

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According to OC&C Gen Z Survey “A generation without borders”, the consumption power of Chinese Gen-Zers are the highest among their global peers. It is important for brands and retailers to understand this generation and how China’s Gen-Zers are different from their global counterparts to better target them.
Here are some insights about Chinese Gen-Zers from the report:
1. The Generation of Spenders: Chinese Gen-Zers save less as compared to their global peers.
2. The Generation of Quality-Seekers: They are rational shoppers who value quality and uniqueness while purchasing products.
3. The Generation of Experience-Chasers: They value experience over products.
4. The Generation of Social Responsibility: They value social issues including human rights and environmental issues.

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Source: JingDaily

By X Social Group posted January 25, 2019

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Looking back to all the changes WeChat has launched to its ecosystem over the past year, here come innovative ways to supercharge your upcoming WeChat marketing strategies:
1. Go beyond articles on WeChat as your primary content engagement channel and leverage new content formats like mini-programs to keep readers engaged.
2. Fully leverage WeChat marketing automation to more thoroughly engage new followers and retain existing ones.
● Make use of the first critical 48 hours after gaining a new follower as an opportunity to engage them while gaining knowledge about them for targeting purpose.
● Use template messages to retarget users; for example, sending a prompt cart abandonment notification to lift conversion rates.
3. Prevail WeChat search results for leveraging the brand zone for a comprehensive brand introduction for efficiently facilitate follower acquisition.
4. Leverage WeChat as a hub for seamless omni-channel customer experience by including touchpoints like official websites, offline stores or third-party apps.
5. Develop a whole new set of WeChat KPIs for boosting the full potential of WeChat performance instead of pure reach and engagement.

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Source: Jing Daily

By X Social Group posted January 23, 2019

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Taking a look back in 2018, it was a year of intense change for cross-border retail, marked by rapidly evolving consumer trends, as well as enhanced services and solutions to delight global Chinese shoppers. According to global consultancy, China Luxury Advisors (CLA), we can expect to see continued growth in the number of Chinese overseas travelers in 2019 but also anticipate rapid changes in key consumer behavior and spending patterns.
Here are the trends prioritized in 2019:
1. Global prices will further align, and the price gap between luxury goods in China and other countries continue to shrink.
2. Chinese tourists will venture off to visit new destinations, taking control of their own itineraries.
3. O2O will dominate the consumer experience.
4. Unique products not available in China will outsell products that are broadly available.
5. Chinese apps will continue to expand their location-based media and advertising options, allowing for more targeted messages and engagement with consumers.
6. Xiaohongshu will become an even more integral part of consumers’ overseas shopping research, especially with the recent tie-in with Taobao.
7. Brands will increasingly collaborate with Chinese celebrities and KOLs to co-create products and experiences.

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Source: Jing Daily

By X Social Group posted December 19, 2018

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What were Hong Kongers searching for online in 2018? Google recently released the top trending keywords:
- Popular Chinese TV drama series “Story of Yanxi Palace” and super typhoons Mangkhut top the charts.
- When WhatsApp added support for 3rd party sticker packs, it immediately triggered searches for WhatsApp Stickers, pushing it to the 3rd spot on Top Trending Keywords and later becoming the Top Trending Tech Lifestyle Keyword of 2018.
- Mobile banking products such as PPS and WeChat Pay were ranked 7th and 8th, echoing findings that 57% of Hong Kongers have used a smartphone to make a payment and 44% have made P2P money transfer using a smartphone, up 11% YOY.
- The World Cup hosted in Russia spiked in search in 2018, reflected by Google Trends for World Cup.
- Kaohsiung, Taichung, Hualien, and Taipei in Taiwan made it to the Top 5 among Top Trending Travel Destinations.
- Neighboring city, Shenzhen, has become a popular getaway destination, as Haidilao Hotpot, Muji Hotel, and HEERETEA were the Top Trending Activities in Shenzhen this year.

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Source: Marketing-Interactive

By X Social Group posted December 13, 2018

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A new consumer report by Hong Kong-based digital intelligence company, Tofugear, and Rakuten Insight, revealed new shopping behaviours of Asian consumers across three generations: Generation Z, Millennials, and Generation X.
Key findings in China across the three consumer groups include:
- Gen-Z are on their mobile more than 8 hours a day.
- Free shipping is a key factor in maintaining brand loyalty for Gen-Z consumers, while influencers’ have massive impact on their shopping decisions, and they are keen on using augmented reality in offline stores.
- Chinese Millennials are still huge fans of daigou shoppers (overseas personal shoppers) and are price sensitive. They are not shy to complain on social media about bad customer service.
- Brands need to be cautious when serving China’s Gen-X consumers as they are very picky about the quality of customer service. Three out of four will no longer shop with a retailer after having a poor experience.

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Source: JingDaily

By X Social Group posted November 22, 2018

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Alibaba set a record of RMB213.5 billion (US$30.8 billion) in Singles’ Day sales, putting this year’s gross merchandise volume 27% higher than last year’s tally. Just 15 hours and 49 minutes into the spending spree, transactions exceeded 2017’s tally of RMB168.2 billion (US$25 billion). New growth was fueled by the country’s rising middle class looking for new ways to upgrade their lifestyles and making their lives better. Health supplements, small home appliances, and skincare items were among the fastest growing categories this year.
The biggest spenders were from Guangdong, followed by Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, and Beijing. In the first hour of this year’s Singles’ Day, top countries selling to China were Japan, the U.S., and South Korea, with the most popular items purchase being dresses, wool coats, pants, and hoodies.
More than 180,000 brands participated in this year’s 11.11 shopping festival.

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Source: TechCrunch

By X Social Group posted November 12, 2018

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Marketing Magazine has just released their annual Media Report 2018, revealing the media preferences of Hong Kong’s top marketers. The media rankings were derived from an online questionnaire in Marketing Research’s annual Media Spend Benchmarking Survey, surveying its database of client advertisers and marketing service agency professionals.
Here are a few highlighted categories:
Top Beauty Website:
1. Cosmopolitan
2. Beauty Exchange
Top Local News & Current Affairs Website:
1. Apple Daily
2. HK01
Top Parenting Website:
1. Ohpama
2. Sassy Mama
Top Search Engine:
1. Yahoo!
2. Google
3. Baidu
Top Social Media:
1. Facebook
2. Instagram
3. YouTube

For a full list, please refer here:
Source: Marketing Interactive

By X Social Group posted November 5, 2018

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YouTube recently announced it is tweaking its attribution criteria for TrueView for Action video ads. This will see the YouTube system counting an “engagement” whenever a user clicks or watches 10 seconds or more of a TrueView for Action ad instead of the initial default 30 seconds. A “conversion” will be counted when a user takes action on an ad within 3 days of an “engagement”, instead of from 30 days. The shorter engagement-to-conversion window will mean faster ramp up times for target CPA campaigns and more current reporting. Advertisers are reminded to monitor their TrueView for Action campaigns to understand the impact of this change on their budgets and performance.

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Source: Search Engine Land

By X Social Group posted October 18, 2018

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This year, the traveling population during Golden Week showed a sign of slow down in China’s economic growth. There was only an 8% increase in travelers compared to last year (vs 19% growth in 2017) and tourism revenue only saw a 3% increase this year. A weaker Chinese Yuan against the dollar and restrictions of Daigous (3rd party resellers of high-end overseas products) through customs could be 2 key reasons for this. Thailand was the top destination for overseas travelers within the 20-30 age bracket, while Japan and Singapore were the top 2 destinations for those within 30-40 age bracket.

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Source: Walkthechat

By X Social Group posted October 16, 2018

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Back in May during the F8 conference, Facebook announced it was working on a feature that would turn 2D pictures into 3D in the News Feed. Now, Facebook has begun rolling out out 3D photos to everyone, allowing users to “bring scenes to life with depth and movement”. All you have to do is take a photo in portrait mode and create a new post on Facebook. Tap the menu icon and select “3D Photo”. Select the photo you want and just post as you normally would!
A few tips: Facebook recommends you keep your subject 3-4 feet away and have things in the foreground and background. Distinct colors will make the layers separate better and avoid transparent or shiny objects. Try it now!

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Source: Facebook 360

By X Social Group posted October 15, 2018

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YouTube is continuing to expand the ways advertisers can connect with their audience with the introduction of new ad extensions to its TrueView In-stream ad format that can now push viewers to take actions when viewing ads beyond just a click. Currently, they are already testing extensions that let advertisers add location and form submissions to their TrueView In-stream ads. Now, they are further exploring more extensions that encourage viewers to complete lower-funnel actions, such as app downloads, travel bookings, or buying movie tickets.

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Source: Google

By X Social Group posted October 2, 2018

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YouTube will be embracing vertical video ads to let brands “provide a more seamless mobile experience”. Vertical ads will appear larger than landscape ads on mobile and occupy 75% of the screen. When viewers tap on the vertical video ad, they can be redirected to an external link, such as a company website. This feature will be available to advertisers buying TrueView products and Universal app campaigns. This move to bolster YouTube's mobile offerings comes amid growing competition from Instagram and Facebook, with both platforms recently rolling out IGTV and Facebook Watch respectively to challenge YouTube’s flagship offerings.

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Source: The Drum

By X Social Group posted September 18, 2018

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New Bullet Messenger App has taken over WeChat’s place on the App Store, challenging WeChat’s dominance. Since its’ launch last week, the app has already 5 million registered users and received RMB 150 million funding. The sharp growth has led some people to believe the app is set to beat WeChat. It has a slew of new features to make it more efficient for users. But could Bullet Messenger really replace WeChat? We think no. It will be extremely challenging for Bullet Messenger to counterbalance the network effect of WeChat. Through payments, mini-programs, and KOLs, WeChat has become an ecosystem rather than just a messaging app. It’ll be unlikely that the bulk of the users will give up these benefits for a slightly improved messaging experience, however Bullet Messenger could be an effective tool for professional communication.

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Source: Walkthechat

By X Social Group posted September 7, 2018

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After launching in the U.S. a year ago, Facebook Watch will finally be made available to everyone globally. Often compared to as a rival to YouTube, Facebook Watch allows users to find the latest videos spanning from entertainment, sports, news, and more – all in their personalized Watch feed. Expanding Watch’s availability will create new opportunities for creators and publishers, however, no details of APAC specific content are revealed yet. Stay tuned for more updates as we see this roll out.

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Source: Marketing Interactive

By X Social Group posted August 30, 2018

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Facebook is making its first serious move to monetize WhatsApp. It has rolled out 3 new ways for customers to connect quickly with businesses:
1. Shortcut button to immediately start a conversation
2. Ability to have businesses send you information like a boarding pass on WhatsApp
3. Real-time support
The WhatsApp Business API will be launched so that businesses can respond to customer for free within 24 hours, but Facebook will charge them for any response after 24 hours with a fixed rate by country per message sent. At the same time, WhatsApp will be formally launching new display ads product worldwide. Businesses will be able to buy ads on Facebook that link out to WhatsApp, thereby allowing the use of the new Business API to reply.

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Source: The Verge

By X Social Group posted August 7, 2018

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The latest China Internet Report is out, detailing China’s booming Internet landscape and trends in 2018!
Key themes:
1. Chinese Internet giants (BAT) are expanding their businesses to every corner.
2. Chinese Internet companies embrace “Social+” to attract new users and retain old ones.
3. Chinese Internet empowers rural population.
4. Chinese government is clearly watching and the success or failure in China’s Internet landscape is contingent upon government authority.
The report goes into details of the trends in each sector including e-commerce, content & media, social, sharing economy, AI, smart devices, autonomous car, blockchain, fintech, education, gaming, and esports.

For more details of the full report:
Source: Abacus News

By X Social Group posted July 11, 2018

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Google recently announced that they will be sunsetting the DoubleClick brand and consolidating all their advertising portfolio into 3 brands:
1. Google Ads – formerly Google Adwords, representing the full range of Google’s advertising capabilities such as on, search, YouTube, Google Maps, and Google Play.
2. Google Marketing Platform – formerly DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360 Suite, aiming to help clients better plan, buy, measure, and optimize digital media and customer experiences in one place.
3. Google Ad Manager – formerly DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange, the unified programmatic platform that will allow publishers to monetize content across connected TVs, accelerated mobile pages and apps.

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Source: Digiday

By X Social Group posted June 28, 2018

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Instagram announced today that they will be launching IGTV, allowing users to upload videos up to one-hour in length. The new platform will be made accessible inside the Instagram app through a TV shaped button above Stories, and a standalone app will be available globally on iOS and Android starting today. IGTV will let anyone be a creator and enable them to develop Instagram Channels that people can subscribe to, competing head on with YouTube.

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Source: TechCrunch

By X Social Group posted June 21, 2018

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A recent mobile wallet study, conducted by GroupM, revealed that more people are embracing mobile wallets in Hong Kong, with was a 30% growth in mobile wallet users. The battleground has become more intense with Chinese players like WeChat Pay and AliPay aggressively stepping up their efforts in the market. Apart from promotion incentives, mobile wallet players are also thinking outside the box for different occasions where payment can be done via mobile, such as wet markets. With mobile transactions becoming more seamless and coverage broadening, can mobile wallets become the future of money?

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Source: Marketing-Interactive

By X Social Group posted June 13, 2018

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The latest WeChat Impact Report is out! Here's a few key highlights:
- WeChat-driven information consumption reached RMB 209.7 billion.
- WeChat accounted for 34% of the total data traffic of users.
- WeChat drove RMB 333.9 billion traditional consumption, covering travel, food, shopping, and tourism.
- WeChat contributed to the employment of 20.3 million people in 2017, more than twice the 2014 figure.
- Penetration of WeChat Pay has been skyrocketing, especially for users under 18 years old, with an impressive 97% reach in 2017.
2017 has been an impressive year for WeChat and the momentum shows no signs of slowing down.

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Source: TechNode

By X Social Group posted May 15, 2018

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Tencent has finally released a separate mobile app to manage WeChat Official Accounts, called 订阅号助手. This is similar to the Facebook Page app that helps you publish, edit, reply private messages for official Facebook Pages on your mobile.
The new app lets Official Account managers edit and publish posts on their smartphones. Account owners can also check and reply private messages, manage subscribers and accounts, and access account analytics via their mobile.
However, the app is only available on iOS at the moment (sorry Android users).

Find out more here:
Source: TechNode

By X Social Group posted May 14, 2018

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Nielson recently released their 2017 Year End Report with findings indicating that Internet and TV are the key media, while social media supports readership of newspaper and magazine.
Key highlights:
- Smartphone penetration rose 5% from 4.7 to 4.9 million users.
- Using smartphone to access the Internet accounted for 97% of all Internet users.
- Overall population using the Internet rose from 91% to 94%, similar to that of TV.
- The growth of TV viewership contributes to both OTT and mobile devices.
- Social media gave newspaper and magazine a big boost in readership.

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Source: Nielsen

By X Social Group posted May 2, 2018

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Following our updates on YouTube last month, they are now rolling out a new way for advertisers to buy spots that users can choose to skip after 5 seconds and optimized for cost-effective reach. Introducing TrueView for Reach, priced on a CPM basis. TrueView for Reach ads can run anywhere from 6 to under 30 seconds, skippable after 5 seconds. This approach is designed to provide a new option that fits in between standard TrueView ads and 6 seconds non-skippable bumper ads. While YouTube continues to develop their TrueView portfolio, they now offer 3 options of TrueView buys based on different campaign objectives: TrueView for Views (standard), TrueView for Action (direct-response), and TrueView for Reach. Find out which one is right for your campaigns!

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Source: Marketing Land

By X Social Group posted April 4, 2018

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Google unveiled two features designed to improve direct response ad performance on YouTube:
1. Extension of custom intent audiences allows advertisers to reach people on YouTube who have recently searched particular keywords on Google.
2. TrueView for Action Ads work best with custom intent audiences, designed to meet direct response objectives. Advertisers can customize the call-to-action that appears along their video ads on YouTube. Like all TrueView in-stream ads, TrueView for Action ads can be skipped after 5 seconds and automatically set with target CPA bidding.
Are you ready to improve your video strategy to get better results?

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Source: Marketing Land

By X Social Group posted March 14, 2018

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WeChat introduced a new mobile marketplace, 微选 (“WeShop”), a new venture with and fashion online retailer, Meili, that is now available for public beta.
Embedded within WeChat mini programs, WeShop has reportedly attracted over 50,000 merchants and local businesses to set up stores on the platform.
This new venture combines JD’s expertise in customer service, logistics, retail infrastructure and reputation for quality and authenticity, together with Meili’s clear social commerce leadership in reaching female shoppers, particularly in lower-tier cities.
The new platform aims to revolutionize “social commerce” by lowering the bar for both merchants and consumers, and changing the way sellers are able to target and serve a wider range of under-serviced consumers in China.

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Source: TechNode

By X Social Group posted March 5, 2018

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A recent white paper released by Nielsen and Alipay showed that overseas merchants can no longer ignore Chinese mobile payments. Over 65% of Chinese tourists sampled have used mobile payment while traveling overseas, while 91% said they are more likely to buy from a merchant if they supported Chinese mobile payment services.
Key takeaways:
- 91% Chinese tourists want to use mobile payment overseas because of “convenience, speed, and familiarity as the main reasons.
- Chinese tourists hold more purchasing power, with shopping, accommodations and dining as the top spending categories.
- Discounts have a greater impact for Chinese tourists.
- Youth are leading in mobile payment overseas.

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Source: Nielsen

By X Social Group posted March 1, 2018

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Happy Chinese New Year! Wish you all a healthy and prosperous Year of the Dog!
Key stats over the the new year:
- 688 million people used WeChat hongbao on Chinese New Year’s Eve, 15% more people compared to previous year.
- Users from Beijing, Chongqing, and Chengdu led the country in being the most skilled users at grabbing the largest number of Red Packets.
- Users from post-80’s generation were the largest portion of the “Red Packet army”, comprising of 32% of overall users sending or receiving Red Packets.
- The most active segments for WeChat Pay this Chinese New Year’s Eve were retail stores, dining, and public transport.

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Source: TechNode

By X Social Group posted February 20, 2018

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In a blow to marketers, Google will let users opt-out remarketing ads. Google announced last week that they are updating their ad setting tools to give users a new choice to “mute ads” that seem to follow them around the web. They will be expanding the number of places where this “Mute this Ad” functionality will be available, including across devices. Once a user tells Google she doesn’t like an ad, Google will stop displaying it across all devices that the user is logged in such as YouTube, Search, and Gmail. This is a wake-up call for marketers as many are using remarketing quite extensively. But with more opportunities emerging from media giants to offer users greater control and transparency, marketers will need to rethink how they remarket to users and evaluate any technical changes to support remarketing.

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Source: Econsultancy

By X Social Group posted January 30, 2018

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WeChat Pay opens up access to international customers, allowing users to bind overseas credit card to the platform. Expats living in China and residents of Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan can now bind and activate WeChat Pay accounts with credit card services provided by MasterCard, Visa, and JCB. This is the first time users are able to use WeChat Pay without having a Chinese bank account or credit card, a strong indication that WeChat Pay will go international soon. With existing global retail and processing partnerships, and improved network relationships, it looks like the wallet is ready to make moves globally, which could shake up the global payment ecosystem and rattle existing mobile players.

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Source: Business Insider

By X Social Group posted January 26, 2018

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eMarketer recently revealed that Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent (BAT) are driving programmatic ad spends in China in 2017 and will continue to dominate the programmatic landscape as consumers spend more time on their digital platforms. Programmatic ad spends totaled RMB110.90 billion, an increase of 48.6% from 2016 and is estimated to reach RMB196.73 billion by 2019. And while China is a mobile-first market with 79.9% of programmatic ad spends dedicated on mobile in 2017, it is expected to drive the total programmatic growth in the coming years. Exciting times ahead while we move towards towards a more consumer centric, data driven marketing approach!

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Source: eMarketer

By X Social Group posted January 23, 2018

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New research from Jiguang Data released a report on 2017 Mobile Internet Inventory App List that brought insights into which apps have caught users’ attention during the year.

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Source: Jiguang

By X Social Group posted January 19, 2018

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Facebook is making changes to the News Feed to show more content from friends and family, and less from publishers and brands. Users will begin seeing fewer viral videos and news articles from publishers and instead, posts that spark meaningful interactions will be prioritized.

What does this mean for Pages?
Pages may see their reach, video watch time and referral traffic decrease.

What type of Page posts will shower in News Feed?
Page posts that generate conversations between people will show higher – for example, live videos, or videos.

But remember, using engagement bait to goad people to comment is not meaningful interaction and Facebook will continue to demote these posts in the News Feed.

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Source: Facebook News Room

By X Social Group posted January 12, 2018

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Happy New Year! To kick off the new year, Campaign Asia has rounded up a list of key trends for 2018 from a list of agency reports. We’ve shortlisted a few including:
1. AR is going to be everywhere
2. Putting the consumer at the centre
3. The “tragedy of the commons” strikes influencer marketing
4. Internet of Eyes
5. Brandlessness
6. The end of typing
7. From DMPs to data lakes

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Source: Campaign Asia

By X Social Group posted January 3, 2018

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WeChat is set to become more indispensable to the daily lives of many Chinese consumers as they are poised to become China’s official electronic ID system. The project aims to prevent online identity forgery, as facial recognition technology will be used to verify applicants before their virtual ID cards get authorized. Those verified individuals will be able to use their WeChat ID to register in hotels, delivery services, ticketing, and apply for government services without the need of bringing their physical ID cards. The government of Guangzhou kicked off a pilot programme in the city’s Nansha district on Monday while the service is set to roll out to the rest of Guangdong province and further across China from January next year. People will be able to leave their wallets at home as WeChat ID and Pay becomes a widespread adoption in the rest of China!

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Source: TechNode

By X Social Group posted December 27, 2018

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Are you tired of spammy posts on Facebook that goad you to like, share, comment? For example, “Tag a friend who likes to nap”, or “LIKE this if you’re an Aries!”. This tactic, known as “engagement bait”, seeks to take advantage of Facebook’s algorithm by boosting engagement in order to get greater reach. Starting this week, Facebook will be demoting posts from people and Pages that use engagement bait. Publishers and businesses that use engagement bait tactics in their posts should expect their reach on these posts decrease. At the same time, Pages that repeatedly share engagement bait posts will also see a sharp drop in reach. We encourage Pages to focus on creating relevant and meaningful stories that do not use engagement bait tactics to earn authentic engagement.

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Source: Facebook News Room

By X Social Group posted December 19, 2018

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WeChat makes a move into travel services with the launch of its CityExperience Mini Program. Partnering with the tourism boards from Australia, Britain, and Dubai as the pilot cities, the CityExerience Mini Program aims to enhance the overseas travel experience for WeChat users, offering an interactive platform for global tourism industry to better connect with Chinese travelers. The mini program is equipped with digital guide maps via geolocation services, image gallery, and audio guides to help Chinese outbound tourists navigate the cities and learn about their cultures and histories from official information sources, all within the convenience of the WeChat app. With the growth of outbound Chinese tourism tipped to hit 200 million by 2020, there is a huge opportunity to provide services and information via the growing FIT (free independent travelers) and millennial market, offering them more freedom and flexibility when traveling to major destinations. This will possibly point to a bigger move from WeChat, directly competing with very established players such as Ctrip, Mafengwo, Qiongyou and Alibaba’s Fliggy travel app. With monthly active users of nearly one billion, WeChat certainly has the audience numbers to make a serious impact in the travel industry in China. However, it is still in the very early days for the CityExperience mini program and it will be interesting to watch how the mini program will evolve.

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Source: JingDaily

By X Social Group posted December 15, 2018

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Nielsen Marketing Cloud has launched in APAC with TVB as its first client. The deal with TVB will largely be around building a data management platform (DMP) for them, moving towards addressable TV and targeted ads for its over-the-top (OTT) service. Using the Nielsen DMP’s advance segmentation, AI, and real-time data, TVB will be able to seamlessly personalize and target its content and clients’ advertising to specific audience across all its online, mobile, social, and OTT TV channels. TVB’s decision to add data into its business, partly to play catch-up, but also a significant part is to set new standards and stay competitive in the market. Naturally they will have to learn to play the data game more smartly and strategically in order to build the next generation business. This would be a significant boost for programmatic TV advertising in Hong Kong. Stay tuned!

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Source: The Drum

By X Social Group posted December 5, 2018

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The digital payment scene is heating up in Hong Kong, with MTR allowing commuters to use WeChat Pay to purchase tickets soon! Under the new collaboration, mobile payment solutions including WeChat Pay HK and Weixin Pay will be offered to MTR customers and trial is set to commence in mid-December at Lok Ma Chau and Lo Wu stations. Although Hong Kong boasts one of the highest mobile penetration rates in the world, its mobile payment market is still in its infancy. With the mobile revolution sweeping the globe due to its tremendous convenience, the city will need to embrace mobile payments – eventually.

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Source: Marketing Interactive

By X Social Group posted November 24, 2017

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WeChat released its latest 2017 data report, revealing astronomical numbers:
- 902 million average daily users (an increase of 17% YOY).
- 38 billion messages being sent on WeChat every day.
- 3.5 million monthly active Official Accounts were recorded in Q3 2017, up 14% YOY.
- 797 million monthly active users of WeChat Official Accounts, up 19% YOY.

For an in-depth look into the key stats and trends emerging from the report, click here:
Source: Marketing to China

By X Social Group posted November 22, 2017

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This year's Single's Day sales smashed its own record, with total Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) exceeding RMB168.2 billion and 812 million delivery orders being made!
Here are some of the highlights:
- During the 24 hours, 1.48 billion payment transactions were processed, with a 41% YOY growth.
- 90% of the total GMV came from mobile.
- Top 5 countries selling cross-border to China: Japan, United States, Australia, Germany, and South Korea.
- Top 5 imported brands bought by Chinese consumers: Swisse, Aptamil, Kao/Merries, Moony and Bio Island.
- Top 5 countries/regions buying cross-border from China: Russia, Hong Kong, United States, Taiwan, and Australia.
- Top 5 export product categories from China: mobile phones, wool coats, knitted sweaters and dresses.
This year's sales event showed clearly that Alibaba's shopping festival has converged outside of China to the rest of the world, with 225 countries and regions completed transactions.

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Source: TechNode

By X Social Group posted November 16, 2017

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Facebook may be following the footsteps of WeChat in an effort to become a major player in the mobile payment sector. Last week, Facebook acknowledge that they were testing a “red envelope” feature that lets users send money to others. Red envelopes have a strong cultural importance in China and WeChat has been famously using digital red envelopes (hong bao) to help drive adoption of its digital payment platform, WeChat Pay. Implementation of a red envelope service in Facebook remains unclear as it is still blocked in China, where adoption rate of digital peer-to-peer (P2P) payments is higher than other Western markets. We’ll be keeping an eye out for further updates, so stay tuned!

For more information:
Source: eMarketer

By X Social Group posted November 10, 2017

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Are you ready for this year’s 11.11 mega sale?
Alibaba has unveiled pre-sales activities ahead of their 11.11 global shopping festival, kicking off with more than 3 weeks of marketing promotions, new retail experiences and new product offerings around the world. The e-commerce giant will showcase the fusion of online and offline shopping experience this year, infusing physical retail elements in social media, interactive content and entertainment – all in one ecosystem. The popular AR game “Catch the Cat” will be back to allow Chinese consumers to earn special promotion coupons and prizes when they find and scan the Tmall mascot using the mobile Taobao app.
Meanwhile China’s second largest e-commerce marketplace, recently teamed up with Tencent and Wal-Mart to join forces against Alibaba. JD will merge its customers shopping history with data from Tencent’s messaging platform to make suggestions for customer purchases and help vendors promote their products. JD and Wal-Mart will also merge their membership systems so that members can receive the same discounts at both retailers.

Find out more about Alibaba’s promotion here: and’s new partnerships here:
Source: Marketing Interactive & Yahoo! Finance

By X Social Group posted October 24, 2017

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Is marketing ready for VR/AR in 2018?
While video by no means a new marketing innovation, what we’re seeing more and more is the use of interactive video content – 360 videos, augmented and virtual reality – the next step from video to providing an interactive customer experience.
Although the future of virtual reality in marketing remains shaky as it can be an expensive digital strategy that includes head-mounted display, the use of augmented reality on mobile devices perhaps will provide a niche and engaging way for marketers to reach their audience in a quick, easy, and interactive way.

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Source: Smart Insights

By X Social Group posted October 17, 2017

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A mismatch of expectations in KPIs between advertisers and advertising agencies has led to a vicious cycle which hinders the growth and development of agencies and the advertising industry as a whole.

Find out how you can restore the situation:

By X Social Group posted September 15, 2017

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A recent report released by QuestMobile, a Chinese data research firm, looked into the rising consumption power China’s post-00s generation -- those who were born in the 2000s. They are now between ages 10-17 years old, with the first batch of teens heading to college soon. Retailers are now scrambling to find potential business opportunities to cater to these young Chinese. Are you ready for them?
Here are some highlights:
1. Growing number of young mobile users with messaging apps, video streaming, and music streaming apps most commonly used.
2. Although social networking apps still dominate the market, it’s worth noting apps for celebrities’ fans, such as IDOL (爱豆), have won teens over.
3. Video streaming shows niche apps such as Bilibili, and short video apps like Douyin, Meipai, and Miaopai are on the rise.
4. New video ads strategy powered by big data and technology -- placing ads in sections that are most frequently watched to get their attention.
5. Preference for online banking and shopping over traditional.

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Source: TechNode

By X Social Group posted August 30, 2017

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Ever wonder why do some Chinese KOLs spur buzz but have no commercial impact?
Awareness and engagement metrics are typically cited as benchmarks, however, consumer intelligence agency, Bomoda, found a crucial discrepancy between the ability of many Chinese celebrities to build awareness and engagement and then turn those into purchases.
A lot of times, many celebrity influencers may only be effective in promoting themselves and not effective in promoting the brand or product. In partnership with any KOL, it’s worth to keep in mind whether the fans will be talking about the brand or product, or merely their love for the KOL.

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Source: Campaign Asia

By X Social Group posted August 24, 2017

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After Alibaba declared the first week of August “Cashless Week”, followed by WeChat naming August 8th “Cashless Day” and this entire month “Cashless Month”, a new research was published to illustrate how mobile payments are becoming a part of Chinese people’s everyday life.
Check out some of the key insights:
1. Mobile payments have skyrocketed in 2016.
2. Young people (especially women) are leading the cashless trend.
3. Chinese people have almost no money in their wallet -- and they don’t care.
4. Geographical differences are small, but rural-urban divide is still an obstacle.
5. Mobile payments have conquered the service industries.
6. Social credit systems are here to stay.

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Source: Technode

By X Social Group posted August 16, 2017

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Kantar Media recently released their annual Chinese Social Media Landscape. This year, they have identified 5 major trends that’s shaping social media in China and around the world.
Let’s take a look at it below:
1. Social business is the best way to enhance engagement between brands and consumers.
2. Consumers are now less focused on price, but more on personalized products and overall shopping experience.
3. Users prefer consuming entertaining and humorous content over formal forms of content.
4. Due to their influence, KOLs have become one of the top priorities for brands to increase sales.
5. With technological advancements in AR, VR, and AI, brands are adapting their strategies to bridge the gap between the platform, brand, and consumers.

Click here to read the full report: 
Source: Kantar China Insights

By X Social Group posted July 24, 2017

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It shouldn’t come to a surprise as WeChat remains the most popular and influential social media app in China, according to Kantar’s 2017 Social Media Impact Report.

Key highlights:
- WeChat continues its dominance, while Weibo is making a comeback with younger users.
- WeChat received the highest satisfaction rating at 83.5%, followed by life servicing review apps/sites such as Dianping and Ctrip. Dating social network sites were the least used and least satisfactory.
- Papi Jiang (Papi酱) is the No. 1 social media key opinion leader according to Kantar Media CIC’s Enfluencer Radar.

Click here to read the full report:
Source: Kantar China Insights

By X Social Group posted June 28, 2017

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As we’re half way through 2017, let’s take a look at some of the new opportunities and marketing trends emerging from the Chinese market.

1. Lower-tier cities are booming.
2. Virtual Reality (VR) is getting more and more popular.
3. Live streaming has become a major trend in China.
4. Luxury goods will rebound.
5. Domestic travel within China is on the rise.
6. Cross border e-commerce will continue to grow thanks to an increase in disposable income, lower cross-border taxes and bigger demand for high quality and authentic products.
7. Domestic brands become more popular eating into the market share of foreign competitors.
8. WeChat will become even more powerful as services become more integrated.

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Source: Marketing to China

By X Social Group posted June 21, 2017

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We’ve been hearing this buzzword in the marketing circles for a while now and for a good reason. By harnessing the power of Big Data and applying it to digital advertising, it has the potential to change the way we buy and selling advertising forever. Take a look at what the future holds in store:

Ubiquity – pretty soon, programmatic is going to be everywhere.
Getting personal – advertisers can leverage data to make ads more tailored to individual users.
Programmatic on the small screen – programmatic isn’t just limited to the web, it will soon make its way onto TV screens.

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Source: SmartBrief

By X Social Group posted June 15, 2017

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Besides AR, Chatbots is another hot topic in digital marketing this year. They are especially useful for retailers as they offer a smarter and more efficient way to boost customer engagement. Why retail? Chatbots come close to replicating in-store experience, where you’d tell the shop assistant what you’re looking for and they take you there and then ring up your purchase. Similarly for customer service, Chatbots can be programmed with responses to FAQs, providing front line support for simple queries.

So which Chatbots are out there, and what retailers are using them for?

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Source: ClickZ

By X Social Group posted June 7, 2017

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Over the past few years, augmented reality has become one of the hottest topics in marketing. With the viral success of Pokémon Go in 2016, everyone has suddenly began talking about the possibilities of AR, and now it looks like it might be the next big trend in social media.
Here are a few broad categories of AR apps which are particularly useful and do well in marketing:

Virtual Showrooms – Google’s Tango AR platform has a 3D mapping and physical space measurement capabilities which can be applied to a virtual showroom experience.
Location-based Apps – Wikitude World Browser is a location-based AR app that integrates with sites like Wikipedia, Google Places, and TripAdvisor to find information about places nearby.
Additional Content AR – Blippar is a visual search and discovery app that allows users to detect faces of famous people and get access to information about them. Layar is another AR app developed by Blippar which specializes in AR experiences for interactive print materials.

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Source: ClickZ

By X Social Group posted June 2, 2017

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Doing digital marketing in China is not as hard as you think - look at these four strategies to unlock your opportunities in China!

By X Social Group posted June 1, 2017

#xsocialgroup #groupm #mobilepayment

A recent study conducted by GroupM on mobile wallet usage amongst Hong Kong individuals aged 18-54, who used a smartphone in the past 12 months, saw that two-thirds of the population are currently mobile wallet users and many of them are millennials.
The results indicated a positive outlook on the growth in mobile wallet usage as close to 60% of current users expressed that they are likely to use mobile wallet more often in the next 6 months, while one-forth of non-mobile wallet users showed high interest in exploring mobile wallet.

To attract new mobile wallet users, businesses can look at bank and merchant incentives like discounts and cash rebates. More than 5,000 retail locations are accepting mobile wallet payments now. Enhanced point-of-sales payments can further provide efficient and seamless shopping experience for consumers.

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Source: Marketing-Interactive

By X Social Group posted May 24, 2017

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Aiming to streamline the programmatic processes, tasks and platforms, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) recently released a whitepaper, “An Evolving Framework for Advertising Automation”, to create clarity around programmatic functions and encourage meaningful conversations among buyers, sellers, and technology vendors. In issuing the report, IAB aims to shift the discussions about “programmatic” to “automation”. It identifies 5 key steps in the automation life cycle: plan, decision, transact, deliver, and optimize, providing a buyer and seller perspective to look at the distinct technologies each party needs to use. In addition, the report offers insights on transparency, data quality, inventory quality, brand safety, ad effectiveness and marketing intelligence, user experience and organizational alignment and staffing.

As marketing and advertising technology continues to improve and impact our industry, it’s important to understand the process and language to get us prepared and stay ahead of the game.

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Source: IAB

By X Social Group posted May 22, 2017

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Millennials are the biggest spending generation and also most diverse. Brands are constantly looking for ways to touch the hearts of these millennial customers and convert them from a “liking” relationship into “devoted” relationship with brands. How can brands connect with these millennials?

They first need to understand the characteristics and buying behaviors of millennials in order to create integrated solutions to engage them. A recent study by ICLP reveals what millennials value most from brands and provides insights for retailers on how to foster closer connections with this generation.

Here’s how you can connect with millennials:
1. Use social media channels to interact and engage with consumers.
2. Blend in educational content with promotional offer that are relevant to their interests instead of aggressively selling to them.
3. Establish an authentic approach to create content and win their trust.

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Source: Marketing-interactive

By X Social Group posted May 8, 2017

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In an attempt to gain traction in China’s short video market, Weibo recently introduced a Facebook Stories look-alike feature called Weibo Stories. Following the footsteps of Snapchat and tapping into the trend of ephemeral posts, Weibo Stories very much focuses on the moment, and photo and video sharings with followers will disappear after 24 hours. Discover the best ways to reach your audience as their perspective on social media are changing!

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By X Social Group posted May 4, 2017

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Facebook has evolved to not just a platform about connecting people, but also about bringing brands closer to their audience.
Here are some of the best ways to take advantage of Facebook marketing in 2017:

1. Create short and appealing video content. Don’t forget to add captions.
2. Embrace spontaneous creative movements through live streaming.
3. Use Pages for customer service. Responsive and good communication are critical.
4. Target your audience. Reach is not always important on Facebook if it is not relevant enough to lead to further actions.
5. Blend personalization with increased reach by reaching new people who are likely to be interested in your brand.
6. Carousel Ads help brands tell stories, become more interactive and flexible. It is especially useful when trying to promote multiple products.
7. Stories highlight a new type of content that focuses on the moment rather than a longer plan.
8. Turn your smartphone cameras into an AR platform.
9. Messenger Bots facilitate customer service by providing quick answers to common questions, accepting orders, or sending the latest news.

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By X Social Group posted May 2, 2017

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WeChat’s dominance in China should not be news to anyone. Over the years, WeChat has evolved from a simple messaging platform, expanding beyond a communication tool to include ecommerce, digital payments and online wealth management. What value will WeChat’s 889 million monthly active users and 10 million+ official accounts bring to your business in 2017?

Check out the 4 key insights from their recently published 2017 WeChat User and Business Ecosystem Report:
1. Users are spending more time on WeChat
2. Users' willingness to pay for content
3. Miniprograms have yet to catch on
4. WeChat makes a bid for the workplace

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By X Social Group posted April 28, 2017

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Trustdata recently released their 2017 Q1 Mobile Industry data report for China.

Key highlights:
1. Out of the top 20 apps, 18 of them belong to BAT, with an exceptional rising independent news app 今日头条.
2. Tencent Video surpasses iQiyi to be the number 1 video
platform in Q1.
3. Live streaming remains strong, with 映客直播 coming out on top.
4. Mobile banking reaches a peak during CNY, as banks are closed during the Lunar New Year holidays and increase usage of hongbao exchanges.

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By X Social Group posted April 26, 2017

#xsocialgroup #chinasocialmedia #socialcommerce

To understand the future of e-commerce, we should look east instead of west. China has already overtaken the USA to become the largest e-commerce market in the world, making them the market to watch and learn from when it comes to doing e-commerce.

Here are 8 key trends to look out for:

1. E-commerce is not a first-world phenomenon
2. Social is the soul of e-commerce
3. Battle of the e-giants
4. Shopping experience over pricing
5. Main street vs marketplace
6. Mobile commerce eats desktop commerce
7. China sets the innovation bar
8. The future is frictionless payments

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By X Social Group posted April 7, 2017

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How to increase sales in China via Social Media?

The question every marketer asks, and here’s a case study to demonstrate the power of social commerce.

Givenchy teamed up with Tao Liang, better known as “Mr. Bags”, a 24-year-old Beijing based blogger who is regarded a fashion guru by a devoted group of Chinese luxury buyers, on Valentine’s Day to promote a limited edition pink version of their Horizon handbags.

These were sold exclusively on WeChat to his followers. 80 handbags, priced at over US$2,170 each were sold out almost instantly. Payments were made via the WeChat store. The exclusivity of the product sparked interest whilst the power of this fashion sensation’s personal recommendation instantly created viral trends.

In this digital era of social commerce, the impact of influential opinion leaders is starting to take precedence over traditional marketing strategies in China as brands realize they can tap into highly engage communities built around online celebrities, presenting huge opportunities for brands who can now benefit from a more developed cross border ecommerce growth in China.

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By X Social Group posted March 31, 2017

#xsocialgroup #chinasocialmedia #wechatmarketing

WeChat quietly launched WeChat Index last Thursday, a tool integrating search and browsing behavior data on WeChat and Official Accounts to provide users with trends and insights on the platform.

Users are able to view the total number of times the word has been used in the app over the past 7, 30, and 90 days. Data is generated from articles published WeChat public accounts, user searches, and content posted by users on their Moments.

This tool will help advertisers understand the real-time social issues and public topics that users are paying attention to and help marketers make appropriate advertising decisions and monitor the effects by analyzing users’ interests.

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By X Social Group posted March 28, 2017

#xsocialgroup #Facebookmarketing

What are likes worth?

A recent study conducted by academic researchers at Tulane University concluded that Facebook “Likes” don’t work the way most brand managers think – likes alone don’t drive purchases. The results suggested that Facebook Pages are most effective when they are used as a form of advertising rather than as a platform for only social interactions. If companies want to convert social media fans into more active cosumers, they have to engage them with advertising.

Although content is still King, don’t forget that distribution is Queen.

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By X Social Group posted March 13, 2017

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How to Reach Chinese Travelers on WeChat?

Chinese travelers remain the world’s top spenders in tourism and have increased sales within the luxury market across Europe, USA, and Australia.

Key strategies to take into consideration for Brands abroad:
1. Set up location based services (LBS) for overseas stores
2. Utilize QR codes to enable offline recruitment of users from overseas stores
3. Set up WeChat payment in stores abroad
4. Targeted communication towards outbound travelers – see, listen, and understand users’ social data

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By X Social Group posted March 2, 2017

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Not all is forgotten with Sina Weibo... yet. It recently has pulled a rare comeback in this fast-paced social media world. Click and read more.

By X Social Group posted March 1, 2017

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Here is a quick round up of interesting facts that kicked off this year’s CNY:

1. Overall retail sales see strong growth
2. Holiday shopping continues to shift online
3. Travelers are on the move
4. Mobile Internet continues to dominate
5. Digital hongbao exchanges set new record
Consumer spending power is still strong in China and as they start to ramp up online purchases with ease, it opens doors to more ecommerce opportunities.

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By X Social Group posted February 20, 2017

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For all you coffee lovers, Starbucks has partnered with WeChat to launch a new social gifting feature called “用星說” (Say it with Starbucks) in China to create more digital connections with Chinese consumers.

With the “用星說” feature, WeChat users will be able to select from a list of preset Starbucks gifts from the Starbucks China Official WeChat account, pay for it using the built-in Wallet function, add a personalized text, image, or video message, and send it off to their friends. Once the gift is received, it will be saved in the recipient’s WeChat app and can be redeemed at any Starbucks store in China.

This feature cleverly leverages on the 846 million reach of WeChat and the popularity of social gifting in China. Chinese locals are already accustomed to gifting on WeChat and it has become part of their cultural and lifestyle habit. This is the beginning of exciting opportunities for brands to create deeper and more meaningful interactions with their consumers -- reaching out to become part of their lives, celebrating important holidays and moments together. It is also a strategic move allowing marketers to complete the consumer journey from online to bringing them offline for in-store experience and ultimately driving sales and purchase.

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By X Social Group posted February 13, 2017

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Hope you’re all excited for CNY holidays, and just in time are some fresh CNY showcases of native video ads on WeChat Moments!

The new format combines a 6-15 second video with a full screen interactive inner promotion page. The inner layer sits within the WeChat environment and utilizes WeChat native functions to allow users to navigate seamlessly from the ad to the inner promotion page, making the browsing experience more spontaneous.

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By X Social Group posted January 27, 2017

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In WeChat’s annual report, they released a slew of data on their user profile and amazing insights into their behavior and what’s happening in WeChat, including travel behaviors and digital red envelope gifts.

Here are 4 key takeaways from the report:

1. WeChat growth rates are still strong
2. Younger users dominate WeChat
3. Red packets are not only for Chinese New Year
4. Tier 1 users are heading towards the US

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By X Social Group posted January 11, 2017