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A new consumer report by Hong Kong-based digital intelligence company, Tofugear, and Rakuten Insight, revealed new shopping behaviours of Asian consumers across three generations: Generation Z, Millennials, and Generation X.
Key findings in China across the three consumer groups include:
- Gen-Z are on their mobile more than 8 hours a day.
- Free shipping is a key factor in maintaining brand loyalty for Gen-Z consumers, while influencers’ have massive impact on their shopping decisions, and they are keen on using augmented reality in offline stores.
- Chinese Millennials are still huge fans of daigou shoppers (overseas personal shoppers) and are price sensitive. They are not shy to complain on social media about bad customer service.
- Brands need to be cautious when serving China’s Gen-X consumers as they are very picky about the quality of customer service. Three out of four will no longer shop with a retailer after having a poor experience.

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Source: JingDaily

By X Social Group posted November 22, 2018